Russky Technopark History
October 2020
The academic year-long "Far Eastern Start" educational program for students has been launched
July 2020
The third round of thesis defense at "Startup as Diploma" program
April 2020
The first "Startup as Diploma" Student Online Accelerator has been started
January 2020
Russky Technopark became Skolkovo Foundation regional operator on the Far East
December 2019
Jointly with the Far Eastern Railway, Russky Technopark launched the Far Eastern Railway regional innovation platform

September 2019
The agreement on the intention to create Skolkovo Foundation regional operator based on Russky Technopark was signed during the V EEF
April 2019
The first Russky Technopark Accelerator has been launched
September 2018
During the IV EEF best projects from Russky Technopark residents were presented to the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping
June 2018
Russky Technopark residents meet with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev after the federal round of selection
September 2017
Russky Technopark Grand opening at the III EEF with participation of Viktor Vekselberg, President of Skolkovo Foundation
September 2016
The launch of startup support system on Russky Island, initiated by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the plenary session of the II Eastern Economic Forum (EEF)
Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is a founder of Russky Technopark. Within the university's framework, Technopark plays the role of an effective and reliable mechanism for interaction with industrial partners, technology companies and development institutions. As one of the key elements in the FEFU Development program until 2029, Russky Technopark strives to involve FEFU students in the advancement of the technological entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Russian Far East through various activities, such as «Startup as Diploma» Student Online Accelerator and «Far Eastern Start» program.

During the V EEF in 2019, FEFU President Nikita Yu. Anisimov announced the plan to create Russky Innovative Research and Technology Center based on Russky Island with the aim to launch more effective interaction between FEFU and hi-tech businesses, support for startups and development of new markets and digital economy-related educational programs. Within this grand ecosystem, Russky Technopark is supposed to become a core of Russky Innovative Research and Technology Center.
Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)
The Council
The Council is the highest collegial governing body of FEFU Technology Entrepreneurship Fund. The main function of the Council is to ensure full compliance with the objectives for which the Fund has been established.
Дмитрий Земцов
Председатель Совета,
Проректор по развитию ДВФУ
Алексей Кошель
Член Совета,
Проректор по общим вопросам ДВФУ
Елена Харисова
Член Совета,
Проректор по перспективным проектам и новой инфраструктуре ДВФУ
Елена Гаффорова
Член Совета,
Директор Школы экономики и менеджмента ДВФУ
Дмитрий Боровиков
Член Совета,
Директор технопарка "Русский"
The Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees fulfills the supervisory duties concerning the activities of FEFU Technology Entrepreneurship Fund, the process of decision-making by other bodies of the Fund and their consequent enforcement, the use of the Fund's resources, and the Fund's compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Никита Анисимов
Председатель Попечительского совета,
Ректор ДВФУ
Юрий Сапрыкин
Член Попечительского совета,
Вице-президент по региональному и международному развитию Фонда «Сколково»
Дмитрий Алексеев
Член Попечительского совета,
Генеральный директор группы компаний DNS
Руслан Саркисов
Член Попечительского совета,
Генеральный директор Дальневосточного фонда высоких технологий
Олег Теплов
Член Попечительского совета,
Генеральный директор VEB Ventures
Russky Technopark Team
Дмитрий Боровиков
Директор технопарка "Русский"
Кирилл Еруков
Заместитель директора (Business Development & GR)
Евгения Коваль
Заместитель директора (взаимодействие с ДВФУ)
Павел Ефимов
Директор Центра проектной деятельности ДВФУ
Маргарита Ибрагимова
Руководитель программы "Стартап как диплом"
Анастасия Трифонова
Ведущий специалист
Алина Медведь
Менеджер по международному сотрудничеству
Дана Мусина
Татьяна Токмакова
Старший event-менеджер
Алёна Медведева
Проектный менеджер
Евгения Алексеева
Проектный менеджер
Михаил Науменко
Проектный менеджер
Виктор Пахмутов
Финансовый консультант