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Russky Technopark conducted the lecture on technological entrepreneurship for Amity University students
On 27 October 2020 Russky Technopark organized a lecture for students of Amity University, one of the most dynamically developing educational entities in the Republic of India, with offices in the UK, the UAE, Singapore and China. The lecture was attended by more than 150 Indian students, interested in the topic of technological entrepreneurship. The event was moderated by Amity University Group Vice Chancellor Dr. Gurinder Singh.

Mr. Dmitry Borovikov, Russky Technopark CEO, delivered a welcoming speech, during which he highlighted the need to engage the talented youth in high-tech projects with the aim to generate innovative solutions to modern global problems.

«Being a crucial component of the Far Eastern Federal University innovation ecosystem, Russky Technopark considers that no transformations are possible without a good engine. Each generation has this engine and that is you – the youth. You, students, are those, who will lay down the path for future discoveries, scientific breakthroughs, and novel solutions to long-lasting global issues. In the era of digital transformation, we have a lot of technologies and methods for the realization of such solutions. What the world really needs is bright minds, which will generate solutions and seek ways of using these tools», - outlined Russky Technopark CEO.

In frames of the speech, Mr. Borovikov also mentioned the launch of the Far Eastern Start - a new initiative, aimed at the development of entrepreneurial skills and competencies among the Russian Far East youth.

«We know that few high-class universities across the globe already elaborated effective methods for engaging talented youth. As a university-based project, Russky Technopark cannot stand aside either. That is why on the 2d of October Russky Technopark launched the Far Eastern Start program - an academic year-long initiative for students. The goal of the program is simple – to provide the Far Eastern youth with all relevant knowledge on technological entrepreneurship for them to create their projects, become hi-tech professionals and develop the Far Eastern region», - noted up Mr. Borovikov.

Mr. Aleksei Stanonis, United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) 9 Youth Envoy in Russia and Model United Nations of the Russian Far East (MUNRFE) Executive Director became the next speaker. In the lecture named «Technological transformation: from steam to digits», Mr. Stanonis spoke about four industrial revolutions, the differences between digitalization and digital transformation, and the competencies that tech entrepreneurs need to develop.

The lecture was ended with the Q&A session, during which Mr. Stanonis answered questions about the incorporation of Indian startups into the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem, the development of incubators and accelerators on the Russian Far East and the effective methods for integrating new technologies into the traditional industrial sector.

Besides Dr. Singh, the lecture was also attended by Director General on Industry relations and Entrepreneurship Development Dr. Akanksha Singh, International Affairs Division Director Mr. S.K. Goel and International Affairs Division Expert Dr. Manoj Sharma.

Russky Technopark expresses its gratitude to Amity University for this wonderful opportunity and will be happy to cooperate in the field of new joint initiatives!

October 27, 2020