Greetings, dear friends and colleagues!

It is my pleasure to address you on behalf of Russky Technopark – innovation hub of the Russian Far East, located in one of the most magnificent places in Russia – Russky Island.

Established pursuant to the decision of the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin in 2017, Russky Technopark is designed to create the ecosystem of technology entrepreneurship and assist Russian hi-tech companies in entering the promising Asia-Pacific markets. Our mission is to become a full-fledged center for coordination and support of technological projects on the whole Russian Far East, jointly with key development institutions of the Russian Federation and we are already conquering heights on the way to this aim.

Now, as we live in times of unprecedented changes, Russky Technopark makes a huge pivot toward youth to develop a new generation of hi-tech professionals. These future experts will become those, who generate solutions to the modern challenges and step by step create a prosperous and innovative society for all of us. Obviously, this would be impossible without wise guidance, that is why we are determined to build and develop a sustainable mentorship institution, consisting of our residents – a full-scaled project, ready to transfer valuable insights and experience.

On behalf of Russky Technopark let me wish all of us smoothly sail across the ocean of unpredictability and overcome any perfect storm with right and wise navigation.

Good luck!

Dmitry Borovikov
Russky Technopark CEO