We are located at: 690922, Vladivostok,
Russky Island,
10 Ajax, FEFU Campus, Building A, level 11

Dear colleagues!
For a three-year-long history, Russky Technopark proved its potential to become a bridge, connecting Russian hi-tech projects and the Asia-Pacific innovative cluster. Membership in international associations and communities, the advancement of partnership networks and active participation of Technopark and its' residents in various global forums, competitions and workshops only confirm this potential and commitment.

We are incredibly grateful to all our international partners and colleagues for the opportunity to enhance global cooperation even through the online format. Russky Technopark international team believes that no distance or different time zones may hinder our collaboration in the sphere of innovative development of the Asia-Pacific region. We always open to new connections and joint endeavors.

Let me thank all the partners for their devotion and wish all of you good luck!
Alina Medved
International Relations Manager
Any questions regarding international cooperation should be directed to:
Dmitry BOROVIKOV (Mr.)
Alina MEDVED (Ms.)
International Relations Manager