FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center
FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center
FEFU STIC is a subsidiary of Far Eastern Federal University and Russky Technopark which provides students an opportunity to work on innovative and potentially commercial projects with the industrial partners involvement.

Students work on prospective technological projects such as automation system for modern engineering platforms and a small spacecraft with a solar sail which solves the problem of space debris disposal.
FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center
Provides comfortable conditions for effective work of student project groups upon industrial companies requests
Conducts various high-tech events for university and high school students such as hackathons and engineering competitions
Prepares future professionals in various fields of science and technology under the mentorship of experienced entrepreneurs and FEFU faculty and staff
FEFU STIC Innovative Clusters
Space Systems
Instrument engineering, development of small satellites and satellite systems
Big data and Internet of things
Earth's Remote Sensing, automatic monitoring of transport, urban infrastructure, coastal lines, and agriculture
Development of unmanned ground and air transport, underwater robots
Development of prostheses and exoskeletons, neurocontrol technology, neurostimulators
Architecture and design
Elaboration of the smart cities concept
International events
March 2019
FEFU students presented "Pandora" robot and took the first prize at Singapore AUV Challenge-2019
May 2019
FEFU robotics team successfully participated in international AV competition Digital Race held in Vietnam
Summer 2019
FEFU team took the 2nd place at the ХХII international student AUV competition RoboSub 2019 held in San Diego, USA
November 2019
FEFU students became bronze medalists in the category of Advanced Robotics Challenge as part of a Russian team to World Robot Olympiad 2019 in Hungary
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FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center is located at:
690922, Vladivostok,
Russky Island,
Ajax 10, FEFU Campus, Building C, auditorium C305