FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center joined "Makers against COVID-19" initiative to fight COVID-19 pandemic
Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) Student Tech & Innovation Center (STIC) supported the "Makers against COVID-19" public initiative and launched the production of devices necessary for respiratory masks with an air filter.
STIC manufactured the first batch of 100 plastic devices via 3D printing for FEFU Medical Center. Currently, the Center also works on requests from medical institutions of Primorsky Territory and coordinates a group of 20 volunteers who have their own 3D printers and laser cutting machines and help to produce the devices.

"FEFU Medical Center staff requested production of particular devices which are necessary for respirators from STIC. The Center immediately responded to our request and produced the first batch of devices. Moreover, there are several orders from other medical institutions, so the production is still in theprocess." – said FEFU Medical Center neurosurgeon Dr. Artur Biktimirov.

"Makers against COVID-19" is a public initiative organized by civil society organizations and individuals in Russia to support health care workers who are in the frontline of the fight against COVID-19. The main aim of the initiative is to facilitate the process of production of equipment necessary for medical workers personal protection. As a subsidiary of Russky Technopark and FEFU which focuses on such clusters as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Robotech, and Biotech, STIC possesses the modern equipment for producing the devices. Moreover, these plastic products are not considered as medical devices themselves and do not require certification, thus, STIC managed to start the work quickly.

"In the present circumstances, this is a good way to mobilize resources of the University. We do hope that FEFU School of Engineering students will support us through their ideas and effective work. The Center is ready to provide them with the tasks on programming, modeling and project design that they can do at home. We, in turn, will produce the devices using our own equipment and then conduct testing. This is what can be called as true project work and a real chance to help people." – commented Russky Technopark Technical Director and FEFU STIC Director Stanislav Karpenko.

18 April 2020