FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center launched the station for satellite data acquisition in testing mode
Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) Student Tech & Innovation Center (STIC) which is operated by Russky Technopark tested the satellite data receiving station for remote sensing of the Earth. Currently, the station, which is located on the Russky Island receives signals recorded by USA satellites TERRA and AQUA and Chinese spacecrafts FENGYUN-3A, FENGYUN-3B, and FENGYUN-3D. It is expected further to receive the data from JPSS-1 spacecraft and the Russian satellite Aist-2D.

Using such modern technologies, FEFU STIC together with major Russian companies creates a unique environment for developing innovative student projects and startups on the Russky Island. The opportunity to receive and process signals recorded by Russian and international satellites directly at the FEFU campus opens new horizons for FEFU students and Russky Technopark residents to develop and implement promising projects in the sphere of space technologies.
Recently, FEFU STIC got the first space images of the Earth from the TERRA, AQUA, and FENGYUN-3B satellites which transmit the data to the station at the Russky Island. According to FEFU STIC, the images have a spectral resolution from 250 meters to a kilometer per pixel. This technology will provide an opportunity to monitor changes in such surface features as vegetation conditions, sea ice, and ocean patterns, and wildfires.

FEFU STIC engineers are also planning to install two ultra-short wave transceivers. The stations will be used to provide two-way communication with the university and even school microsatellites. There are currently several dozen of such vehicles in the near-Earth space, including the Russian SiriusSat-1 and SiriusSat-2.

"After launching the station of the VHF band, we will be able to use telemetry and, in some cases, even control space vehicles in orbit in order to gain the necessary experience for students to launch their own satellite. Most importantly, the station and its data are the subject of study for Master's degree students of "Satellite & Remote Sensing Technologies" program at FEFU Data Economy School," – said Russky Technopark Technical Director and FEFU STIC Director Stanislav Karpenko.

27 May 2020