International Cooperation
Dear colleagues!
For a three-year-long history, Russky Technopark proved its potential to become a bridge, connecting Russian hi-tech projects and the Asia-Pacific innovative cluster. Membership in international associations and communities, the advancement of partnership networks and active participation of Technopark and its' residents in various global forums, competitions and workshops only confirm this potential and commitment.

We are incredibly grateful to all our international partners and colleagues for the opportunity to enhance global cooperation even through the online format. Russky Technopark international team believes that no distance or different time zones may hinder our collaboration in the sphere of innovative development of the Asia-Pacific region. We always open to new connections and joint endeavors.

Let me thank all the partners for their devotion and wish all of you good luck!
Alina Medved
International Relations Manager
Membership in associations
Asian Science Park Association (ASPA)
ASPA is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1997 with a purpose to jointly develop the industry of scientific technologies, industry and economy of the Asian region. The main goal is to stimulate joint development in Asia through the interchange of technologies and regional innovations, yet also to form one Asian community through exchanging information in the sectors of industry, technology, culture and education.

In 2018, Russky Technopark, established jointly by FEFU and Skolkovo Foundation, became a member of the Association.

Road Hi-Tech Parks Association (SRSPA)Ассоциация зон новых и высоких технологий "Шёлковый путь" (Silk Road Hi-Tech Parks Association, SRSPA)
The Silk Road High-Tech Parks Association is an organization composed of high-tech parks, service and research institutions and large and medium-sized enterprises from all countries and regions of the "One Belt — One Road" initiative. It is a platform for strengthening cooperation among different organizations, sharing resources, giving full play to their advantages, and communicating information to win cooperation.

In 2018, Russky Technopark, established jointly by FEFU and Skolkovo Foundation, became a member of the Association.
UBI Global
UBI Global is an innovation company and community, founded in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden to identify where innovation hubs are located worldwide and to learn and share what makes them successful. It conducts the World Benchmark Study biennially for business incubators and accelerators and helps programs with assessment, best practices, and recognition. The partnership network consists of 700 incubation programs, with the majority linked to universities and other centers of excellence. These members represent 20,000+ startups and are located in 70 countries.

Russky Technopark, established jointly by FEFU and Skolkovo Foundation, became a member of UBI Global community in 2019.
Opportunities for cooperation
-  Early Access — While the early stages, invest in the most promising startup companies of the Russian Far East.

- Profit — You acquire a stake in the business, the cost of which has the potential to grow ten-fold within just a few years.

- Risk Control — Technopark residents initiate the best technological projects of the Russian Far East, selected by the panel of experts. You can directly communicate with the founders and their teams.

-  Diversification — Many companies have the status of a Technopark resident, which provides an opportunity to diversify risks by investing in more than one company.
For investors
-  Direct access — Partner company gets access to the full register of Russky Technopark residents.

- Arrangement of negotiations — We help you launch a convenient and transparent process of interaction between the company and Technopark for your purposes: custom development, support of innovative projects, search for new ideas.

- Media support — Partner's logo is placed on all advertising materials of Russky Technopark, including website and presentations.

-  Work with talented FEFU students — Partner company can open a student project office on Russky Technopark territory.

-  Your employees are our experts — Employees of the partner company can become experts and mentors of Russky Technopark, and then use the acquired experience to build a mentorship system within the company.

For partners

For universities and hi-tech hubs:
-  Tools for the development of management teams through acceleration and educational programs/

-  Integration of modern formats in the educational process and educational activities.

-  Expanding projects` pipeline for science and technology parks.