to Russky Technopark
Skolkovo regional operator
Launched jointly by Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and Skolkovo, in 2020 Russky Technopark has become the regional operator of Skolkovo Foundation, providing Technopark residents with the spectrum of benefits, such as tax incentives, micro-grants, mentorship, media support and services of a research center.
Student's hi-tech projects hub
Being a project of the Far Eastern Federal University and located right on the FEFU campus, Russky Technopark strives to create an ecosystem, which can transform ideas of young innovators into real technological startups. To create a new generation of hi-tech professionals, Russky Technopark launches numerous educational projects, such as the first "Startup as Diploma" Student Online Accelerator in the spring of 2020 and an academic year-long "Far Eastern Start" program in the autumn of 2020.
Bridge to the Asia-Pacific innovation capitals
Located just a few hours away from Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul by plane, Russky Technopark strives to become a pipeline for Russian innovative projects, wishing to enter Asian-Pacific markets. For this purpose, Russky Technopark remains an active member of such large associations and communities of Asia-Pacific as the Asian Science Park Association (ASPA), Silk Road High-Tech Parks Association (SRSPA) and UBI Global Community.
Russky Technopark is a technological entrepreneurship development center in the Russian Far East. We are proudly bearing the status of Skolkovo Foundation regional operator and actively collaborating with various corporate partners, development institutions and regional administrations to let Far Eastern startups grow without moving to the West. We search for and support Far Eastern District technological projects by including them in our community and providing customized services to meet the needs and goals of each startup. Besides, we create acceleration and educational programs for Far Eastern region projects, including those at an early stage of development.
About Russky Technopark
FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center (STIC) is a joint project of FEFU and Russky Technopark, which provides FEFU students with an opportunity to work on innovative and potentially commercial projects and involve industrial partners in such collaborations. FEFU STIC prepares future professionals in various fields of science and technology under the careful guidance of experienced entrepreneurs and FEFU faculty and staff.

Totally, more than 150 students of different majors from FEFU School of Engineering, School of Data Economy, and other Schools are currently developing their projects in small teams at FEFU STIC. There are more than 30 innovative ideas in progress, such as an automation system for modern engineering platforms, and a small spacecraft with a solar sail.
FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center