Russky Technopark residents were qualified for the quarter-final of the «Dong Sheng Cup»
On April 29, 2020, Russky Technopark residents presented their startups in the preliminary round of «Dong Sheng Cup» International Entrepreneurship Competition 2020.

The Competition has been held annually since 2013 in Beijing (China) and has attracted more than 5000 participants in total. Participants from more than 10 countries, including USA, South Korea, Germany and Norway will take part in the preliminaries. Russky Technopark, along with Skolkovo, became the only two entities to arrange the preliminaries in Russia. Six Russky Technopark residents, namely, Enreport, TAU Tracker, Dvarf Finance, Smart Forest, Visitech and Try.Fit demonstrated their business ideas in front of the experts from Dong Sheng Science Park, also located in Beijing.

While Enreport strives to automate energy market business processes, TAU Tracker elaborates new human-machine interface for 3D applications, and Dvarf Finance presents online service for crediting of legal entities. Smart Forest, in its turn, serves as a platform for selling and buying bio-digital assets, Visitech is engaged into the production of software solutions for industrial safety and Try.Fit provides customers with 3D scanning technologies for fashion retail and digital manufacturing.

«Participation in such kind of events is indeed a wonderful opportunity for various types of projects, from the beginners to developed ones, to realize whether they are ready to enter the foreign markets, especially China. We believe our resident companies really develop themselves through this process, and we are really delighted with the fact they possess such a lucky chance», - mentioned Vitaly Savenkov, Advisor on International Relations at Russky Technopark.

As a result, after pitching and Q&A session, Smart Forest (CEO – Mr. Alexey Rudometov) and Try.Fit (CEO – Mr. Vagan Martirosyan) became the winners of the preliminaries and were qualified for the quarter-final of the «Dong Sheng Cup». Through the quarter-final residents will compete for the place in the semi-final and final. Those, who win the grand finale, will become the recipient of RMB 1 million and 100 sq. m of free working space in Dong Sheng International Incubator.

Dong Sheng Science Park is located in the northwestern part of Beijing, and belongs to the grand technology ecosystem of Zhongguancun Science Park, which is also known as a «Chinese Silicon Valley». This hub comprises many tech giants, such as Xiaomi, Baidu, along with foreign offices of Apple and Microsoft.

6 May 2020