Russky Technopark demonstrated its active involvement in the BRICS-related activities
In summer 2020, Russky Technopark got engaged in the activities related to BRICS. On June 15, Vitaly Savenkov, Russky Technopark Deputy CEO participated in the International youth webinar "The Scenario of COVID-19 across the Globe: BRICS and beyond" organized by the National Committee on BRICS Research.

The webinar was conducted with the aim to ensure an exchange of innovative ideas towards the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world delivered by young experts from BRICS countries. The meeting started with the welcoming address by Dr. Victoria Panova, Scientific Supervisor of the BRICS Russia Expert Council and Vice-President for International Relations of the Far Eastern Federal University. Moreover, during the webinar, Vitaly Savenkov commented the presentations on the globalization and digitalization processes in the context of the pandemic prepared by young experts from Russia.

"Forced digitalization during the COVID-19 pandemic served as a trigger for the fast transition to online education and influenced the education process as a whole", - mentioned Vitaly.
It is worth mentioning also that in spring 2020, four interns of Russky Technopark International Office namely Aleksei Stanonis, Alina Medved, Alyona Plekhanova, and Vsevolod Cheresov undertook their internship at the National Committee on BRICS Research. The interns have deepened their knowledge of the international agenda by making the research work, providing media coverage of the Committee's events, and attending online workshops and webinars on BRICS-related topics.

Despite the circumstances caused by COVID-19 pandemic, Russky Technopark not only continued its successful participation in innovative projects in Russia but also demonstrated its active involvement in international activities. Consequently, Russky Technopark would like to express its deepest appreciation for productive cooperation to the National Committee on BRICS Research.

29 June 2020